Welcome to Little Leaps School for Autism

Little Leaps School for Autism is a specialised preschool catering for the specific and individual needs of learners diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD)


From humble beginnings…


After returning home from London where I had worked at the Bridge School for autistic learners, the lack and need for special needs schools in South Africa was overwhelming. My mother who owned Little Village Christian Nursery School and owned 2 properties on Badenhorst Street in Wierda Park, kindly offered to rent Little Leaps a classroom to start something small for autistic learners. After a few months with only 1 child, our now grown up Oratile Sikoe, word spread about Little Leaps’ beginnings and soon our first classroom was full, and so had to ask for another classroom, and another and another. Within 2 years we had grown so that we occupied the smaller of the 2 properties 302 Badenhorst Street, with Little Village next door occupying 304 Badenhorst Street.


The schools like their founders are family. The relationship between the 2 schools is symbiotic; we both need, love, learn and help each other every day. Today we even share a principal the amazing Ann Currie. This relationship has allowed for many ideas, learning and teaching techniques, therapists, staff and fun to be shared, but the thing that stands out about the 2 “Little” schools are our kids, the inclusion opportunities have allowed them to play, love and learn from one another, making the experience beneficial on both sides of the fence. At play time you will see our autistic learners play together with the Little Village’s neurotypical children. We share concerts, celebrations and meals together. We also share an onsite speech and language therapist, Danita Meiring who too is a Little Leaps board member and an occupational therapist and sensory integration specialist, Patrica McKay. Today Little Leaps is more than a school, it’s a beloved neighbour to Little Village, it is a home away from home for our 40 autistic preschoolers, it is a friend to other schools and like-minded organisations, it’s a place where each child is loved and thought about every step of their educational journey, it’s a beacon of hope for our children’s parents and families and a one stop advice and training facility to teachers, families and our community.


We keep a close affiliation to the Bridge School in London to this day. It has not been an easy 11 years but certainly a blessed and rewarding journey. We thank God for through Him all things are made possible. Matt 19v26


Little Leaps School is a registered Non Profit Organisation, a Public Benefit Organisation with Section 18A status in South Africa and a registered 501C3 charity in the United States of America.


NPO 076-636 
PBO 930 032 628
501C3 1705 3230 308046