Who Are We?

Little Leaps School for Autism is a specialized preschool catering for the specific and individual needs of  learners diagnosed with Autistic  Spectrum  Disorder (ASD)  and Pervasive Developmental Disorders  (PDD).


Little  Leaps  is  an  English  medium  school, established  in  2006  as  an  integrated  learning school and therapy centre, here each child is offered the opportunity to develop to his / her full potential  in  a  secure,  multifaceted, Christian and caring environment. 


Our Approach


Little Leaps School for Autism follows an adapted South African Department of Education Curriculum delivered in a thematic programme at a manageable pace. Individual Educational Programmes (IEP) and Behaviour Management Programmes (BMP) are designed for every unique child and their specific educational needs. Emphasis is placed on language, social, life skills and sensory development. Little Leaps recognises that working with special educational needs require a multi-disciplinary approach therefore we have a team of professionals working together to reach each child's full potential.




Little Leaps School’s mission is to provide education to children diagnosed with a developmental disorder and provide training and support to their families and the community at large. At Little Leaps School each child can learn and interact as individuals and acquire skills to become a meaningful member of his or her family and society.




We aim to:

  • Educate learners on the autistic spectrum understanding their unique and individual needs.
  • Be a support to the families of these children.
  • Train parents, students and professionals autism awareness.
  • Create funds and awareness globally for Little Leaps and autism on a whole.


Constitution, certificates and reports

Please email the office for a copy of our constitution and our NPO, Sec 18 A, 501C3, BBEEE certificates.